Wiscon returned, onto Women’s Words

Wiscon was intense, wondrous and inspiring! Sooo many feminist writers and readers– I didn’t realize just how many until I saw everyone at the Tiptree award ceremony and GOH speeches. Holy smokes! I wondered. This is a power indeed. Greer Gilman was awarded for her complex and profound novel (tho clearly it breaches the borders of “novel” just as it expands notions of gender), Cloud and Ashes, and GOHs Nnedi Okorafor and Mary Anne Mohanraj gave stunning and deeply inspiring speeches. Met many amazing feminist writers of colour, like Neesha Meminger (Shine, Coconut Moon) and was so grateful…. I also couldn’t help myself and was all, well, dog-like fawning (hmmmm, why a fawn? are they “fawn-ish”?) over Carol Emshwiller and asked if I could take a photo with her. ^___^. I am such a huge fan of her biting, hilarious intensely feminist novel, Carmen Dog. It’s brilliant.

Now it’s time to change the channel. I’m facilitating a creative writing workshop at Women’s Words this coming weekend. After that I’m looking forward to the plunge back into the deep and dark waters of writing and writing. I need to submerge. The darkness calls.