Wahhh! It’s THURSDAY!

I remember being a child and feeling great disdain over adults who kept on going on and on about how quickly time passes. How they couldn’t believe it, where has it all gone, it’s a sign of age, etc. Some of my disdain (I hope!) was because these adults were at the house, drinking copiously with my father, and saying the same thing over and over again in varying states of deterioration. However, I remember thinking then that when I grew up I would never go on and on about how quickly time passes……..

>_< !!!!!

Always so many things to do in Vancouver and area. Tonight heading over to Centre A for Kyohei Sakaguchi’s artist’s talk and film screening. If you miss the opening the show will be up for some time.

Been furiously revising Darkest Light between self-soothing mini games of Tetris on a Gameboy Colour. Hopefully the batteries (on the GB) will run out soon and I will not replace them!  

Had an intensive and amazing opportunity to interact with the sparkly (no, NOT a pop vampire series reference! sparkles existed long before this series and will, long after!) junior and secondary students at Southridge school in Surrey this Monday. I had three class visits over the course of the day. I’m more accustomed to one class visit/day, so doing three was a great chance to experience what a teacher does on a daily basis! I’m supposing that most teachers who choose the profession have a high extrovert rating. Because otherwise how could she sustain speaking and engaging with students every single work day? Teaching is also such a performative occupation. I marvel and have great respect for teachers! Thank you to the students for their questions, for working so intently on the writing exercises. It warms the heart. And enough cannot be said about the efficiency, hospitality and warmth of Ms. Emma Breeze. (Doesn’t she have a marvellous name? I instantly felt name envy when I first saw it!)

Speaking of batteries running out… do you ever wonder about all of the passwords you’ve had to memorize and have forgotten? I like to picture myself in older age. My memory isn’t so great to begin with and I’m always having to make up new passwords for ones I’ve forgotten. But they say that we don’t actually forget everything we’ve forgotten…. We just can’t retrieve it. So I imagine myself being in my 80s or 90s. Hopefully not in too much pain, but my mind starting to wander. Maybe I’ll be in my own slipped timeline, like this Tiptree story, I can’t recall the title (!!!), about a man who had committed a crime on an alien planet. And their way of punishing criminals involves slipping his timeline, so he’s not aligned temporally, to everyone else’s time continuum. Ingenious, hey! There’s no need for a physical prison (and the outrageous costs of the prison systems) because he’s isolated out by time! ANYWAY!

So I’m this old woman, sitting in a comfortable chair, muttering a string of words, letters, numbers, over and over again. Because, finally, I’ve somehow accessed my forgotten passwords from a time long ago…. ~____~ Hahahahahahaaaa! (I hate having to remember so many passwords.)

Canadian election coming up! Stop the dismantling of women’s rights! If we’re not mindful of the threats, if we don’t act, so much can be lost so very quickly…. We need to observe what kinds of action have been taken, what kind of outcomes enacted, over what is said/claimed. HUGE difference!!!

Galloping forward!