Upcoming articles in National Post’s “Afterword”

I’m been terribly remiss with keeping my weekly blog. It’s been a rather hectic entry into the new year and Dragon has been roaring, tossing her spiked tail.

I’ll have four consecutive articles in the National Post’s “Afterword” column this month. They’re scheduled to appear from March 19th and I duly submit this before you as an alternative to four blog posts for the month. Neh? Iyo neh? @_@

And if you’re missing my chatter (insert here image of my Daughter rolling her eyes) I can be found with far more regularity on Twitter! You’ll find me as @hinganai .

I do intend to continue posting on my blog. Sometimes, however, I feel an awful lot like I imagine Charles Ingalls was like: if you’ve got nothing important to say, don’t say anything atall.