Time travel to HK

I’m always so bemused when I cross time zones. Not just the jet lag, but also the collapse of time. Where did my Sunday go? This morning it took me at least ten minutes of sluggsih thinking to understand that it’s already Monday. Many years ago, when I lived in Calgary, I went to a creative workshop facilitated by Lee Maracle. She told us that when we use planes to fly so quickly from one place to another our spirit cannot keep up. That it’s more connected to the earth and we leave it behind, even as our bodies hurtle through space and across time. And it takes time for our spirit to catch up with our bodies. This is so very true…. I’d like to travel by sea, sometime (Although seasickness is a concern.). To get a better sense of the body/spirit distance made more physically and materially felt. I guess I’ll get a part of my lost Sunday back when I fly back to Canada….

Although my dear mother always warns me about the humidity, I’m always so surprised at the humidity…. <grin> (There’s something to be learned, here! Maybe humility….)

I’ve just completed my morning presentation at the Central Library in Hong Kong. A second presentation this afternoon. It was so amazing to interact with the bright students who were in the audience. What great questions! What a privilege to share stories and ideas.

After a travel-weary arrival and not-so-bad waking, I finally noticed, late this morning, the sign *placed immediately behind the faucet* (thus difficult to see) that read: Do Not Drink The Tap Water….. Argggghhhh! How glasses of water did I drink already??? Four? Five? Hahahahahahahahaaa! It cannot be undone. I’m sure it’s fine.

It feels very odd to be travelling into Asia when there is such fraught and devastating news coming out of Japan. The level of destruction is so vast that it is difficult to  comprehend. And we feel so powerless. The added anxiety and fear about nuclear meltdowns has me checking the news as often as possible. On the one hand, I think that if there is a nuclear disaster, than it would be a powerful force that might deter further developments of nuclear energy sites. But if that should happen, the cost to lives and the environment are so very awful…. There are no happy endings, here. We pray for the lost ones. We pray for the bereaved. We can donate money for relief efforts. We can work at home to fight against the development of more nuclear power plants. Shape a future that is cleaner, safer, more in balance with the flow of weather, the patterns of the sea, the seasons, the earth. Breathe.