Blessings upon all, this Tiger year. Strength, wisdom, confidence. A light step. Mindful.

My father, who was called Tiger, was born in the Year of the Tiger. He died just over four years ago. I miss him, some days more than others…. Somehow the Tiger Year seems to cycle him closer to my heart. It feels lucky. Maybe a combination trick of sentimentality and superstition, but hey? Everything cannot be empirically measured.

I’ve been spending the holidays catching up with my son and girlfriend. Friends over for christmas dinner. Golden light misting Burnaby Lake. Sweet rich incense heavy in the dark wet air. The Buddhist temple aglow on New Year’s day…. My cells are soaking in the west coast moisture and begging me not to return to the winter desert.

So many people have travelled between home and the present perfect. The spirit has spirit lag when we return from the holidays to our work lives, our schedules and lists, agendas, and day-timers. Be gentle to tender spirit upon re-entry. The rest of the year may roar, but let’s start with a purr.