The Law of Accretion or…

Busy attracts more busy! <grin>

Canadian writers: don’t forget the Oct. 1 deadline coming up for the Canada Council writing grant apps.

On Saturday the rain felled the evening into night until morning. It was the kind of heavy steady rain that overwhelms the eavestroughs and pours onto the concrete. The spattering sounds like someone is frying a dozen eggs in a giant greasy cast iron fry pan all night long. I like the sound– but it’s also the sound of water not entering the soil, not returning to bedrock, because it’s obstructed by the concrete and so diverted to storm drains to overwhelm the stream ecosystem…. Multiple stories, never just the one. Despite my sometimes desire for a painless lyric moment.

Yesterday, I took my friend, J, and my daughter and her friend, to the Richmond Night Market. J had never been before and I was incredulous. You must go! I exclaimed. But when we got there, and waited for a while in a line-up, we were told that it was cancelled due to rain. Cancel something in BC due to rain??? Now that’s slippery slope that we’d slide down for six months!!!

The Darkness manuscript has returned with excellent feedback from my agent. You know, if you get that sagging feeling in the middle of your plot, it’s probably because it’s sagging…. *__*. Now, time to roll up the sleeves, hitch up the jeans, and start the steady labour of revision, revision, revision.

Upcoming seasonal pleasures: chestnut picking and then matsutake!!! Oooooo, kuri gohan and matsutake gohan. The kaori of autumn. Riches.