Tee Oh

Early morning flight outta Van, in a state of disarray and lack of sleep I left my jacket in the back of the car. The sun’s strength is cooled with a breeze that verges on chilly. Luckily my friend’s neighbour lent me one of her coats (my friend a different size and shape) and I will step outside soon to take the subway (and tram) to Chinatown. I love the multiracial variations of this city. Complex, complicated, energetic, creative. I look upon diverse faces and wonder the interplay of histories, narratives, journeys, experiences that collide in the moment. A glance of a face whipping past in the filmic frame of subway train. Gone.

I watched the Swedish film, Let The Right One In, on the flight yesterday. A friend had told me it was good, and then I had forgotten about it, then saw it on the menu. What an amazingly well-done film of one of the most difficult narratives to write– the vampire narrative. Avoiding cliche and hollywood glitter-gloss it was a deeply felt, complex and thoughtful study of the “realities” of living as a vampire as well as the exploration of a new friendship between a bullied young boy and a vampire girl… So powerful. This is what a vampire narrative can be– meaningful, layered, tragic.