Steve Austin rebuild me

Today I woke up at 5 AM to make a one-day trip to UNBC in Prince George. I had time enough for a shower, coffee and a drive out to the international airport in the snow without speeding. Took off fine, had to reconnect in Vancouver. Saw the blush of spring leaves on deciduous trees as we flew over the city. When we reached PG airspace the captain’s voice, tinny, calm, and slightly apologetic, informed us of a fog bank. We will try to land, he said. Moments later we plunged into the soft white folds. I peered out the window, fingers crossed, begging that the air would clear, let the captain see! But the engines roared as the captain pulled up, Abort! Abort landing sequence! The acceleration pressing us into our seats like the Gravitron. And the Six Million Dollar Man theme song starts streaming through my head… Na naa naa nahhhhhh, nanana na na nana na nahhhhh.

“He’s not going to make it!”

“I’m burning up! I’m burning up!” 

(If Steve Austin cost $6000000.00 to rebuild in the mid-70s, how much would he cost now?)

We had to fly back to Vancouver and I disembarked at the same gate I had returned to just last month, when I was fogged out of Edmonton! This had never happened to me before in my travelling life, but twice, now, in consecutive months! Aside from a 12-hour-day basically travelling for nothing, I’ve left an enormous carbon footprint to top it off. 

On a happy note, while I was flying around willy nilly, I got started on my goal of learning to write with my left hand. (Just in case I won’t be able to write with my right hand in the future.) This is not such a nutty plan, I tell you! I was getting repetitive strain mousing with my right hand, so I switched to my left. No problem. Also, writing with the left hand will use different areas of my brain! How neat is that? (One can grow tired of using the same sections over and over again….)