so flow slow

The water in the North Saskatchewan River is beginning to slow. Lily pads of ice are collecting in eddies, nudging along the edges, clumping together. They slowly make their way in the sluggish waters, so cold, so thick. I gaze from the window as the bus rushes across the bridge.

Where do the porcupines go in the winter? Why don’t skinny birds’ legs freeze? There’s not an ounce of fat on them! What does porcupine meat taste like? Better than raccoon, I bet….
I just finished reading Boyden’s, Through Black Spruce, and enjoyed it enormously. He used first person pov, switching between an older uncle character, and that of a young niece. I found his older uncle character far more convincing that the young woman’s, but I question my perceptions on that and whether or not I have gender bias, or both Boyden and I do, and it all adds up…. At any rate, I bring him up because there’s a scene where the niece character thinks about serving her city guardian/boyfriend some country-style beaver tail. I wonder what beaver tail tastes like. Strong, I bet. Mammals in and by the water taste strong, like duck. A combination of fatty and muscular, like beef tongue, but more pungent? That would be my guess.
Boyden’s smooth and sure use of the first person has me reconsidering it as a writer. For a long time now I’ve been writing primarily in the third person. There is something so lovely intimate about a finely crafted first person….

Events update:

Tomorrow I’ll be doing a classroom visit at Ottowell School. I’m really looking forward to meeting the grade seven students!

Friday, Nov. 20 I’ll be performing with numerous artists, writers and musicians at the Exposure event, “Queerly I am Nothing New Salon” @ 7 – 10pm. Jubilee Auditorium Rehearsal Hall, 11455-87 Ave. Edmonton.

You can find more information about the queer arts festival at:

Eduardo is still alive, but his spirit is receding. As M said, “Water to water…”