Sinclair Ross Redux

The morning howled, and spring was pelted senseless. I trudged to the bus stop, bent over like a question mark, my red mental illness toque barely visible in the gusts of white out. I had to run across the road with my eyes closed because I was facing the wind, and the pellets of snow were scoring my eyeballs. “Wahhhh!” I shouted, as I lurched Russian roulette-like, through the slush.

The poor yellow and red tulips in front of the house are covered in gingerbread icing snow. The new tender leaves on the trees.

(My red mental illness toque doesn’t signify that I’m going through a depressive stage– I bought it when I was depressed, and it kept me warm, then, because I was so very cold. When I had to move to AB I thought, hey, it’s gonna be damn cold in Edmonton! Where’s that mental illness toque? Some people get tattoos to mark their significant moments. I got a toque!)

I had told my daughter that it was too warm and utterly unseasonal to make any more oden (Jpnse stew) until the late autumn…. Looks like there’s time for one more pot!

* * *

On May Day I was invited to the Edmonton Institute for Women to visit with the book club there. It was an amazing experience and the women had read Half World with such care– I was totemo arigatai…. On May 8th and 9th, weather permitting, there will be a book sale fundraiser with all proceeds going to the Edmonton Institute for Women Library. If you’re out and about that day please stop by at 10706 -84 Ave. 10 AM-6PM.