Perseids with a sliver moon

Gonna head out tonight to watch the show…. At the very least, lying in the back yard. The house obstructs some of the light from the street. I have about a 45 degree wedge of darkness. But hoping to get up Burnaby Mountain. There’s a park up there, where the Ainu totem poles are displayed. The dirty city lights still spread, but you’re above it. You’re a little closer to the sky. 

The sliver moon is already ‘setting’. When I was in Zimbabwe with my father in 1995(6?) the curve of the moon lay at the ‘bottom”, like a shallow bowl. instead of on its side, like a parenthesis ( . This simple difference filled me with a sense of wonder and joy.

Whenever I watch meteor showers I think about Wyndham’s, The Day of the Triffids…. <grin>. 

Would I gaze at the Perseids even if it led to blindness?

Don’t you sometimes glance at the sun?