I’d be wide-eyed if my eyelids weren’t swollen…

The only math I ever do in my typical life is fairly simple. Adding, subtracting, mostly. Sometimes I get to multiply with fractions! I did the math, yesterday, and have realized that I need to get through 3o pages of rewrite per day for the next ten days in order to meet a deadline. Then, I lay wide awake in my dark bed, Oh, no, Oh, no, long past 1 a.m. and scared to look at the clock because it only makes it worse…. What can I do? What shall I do? I know I get stuck now and then– it’s not all flow-so-grow all the time. The fridge is almost empty. I’m running out of canned milk for my morning coffee! Send the daughter! Make her pick up groceries and cook! Yes, make the child cook! She’s online all the time anyway. Come on! You can do it! Look at Ge Ge Ge no Nyobo! Mizuki Shigeru drew his manga until he collapsed! Yah, but he had a long-suffering, supportive, hard-working, non-complaining wife! That’s the only reason he was able to do this! And you hate that kind of sexist relationship! Yah, but she agreed to this relationship. She took pride in doing her work well. Did she have any real choice in a patriarchal and sexist society? Aren’t I being paternalistic imagining her as powerless in this relationship? Shut Ahhhp! There’s no time to be thinking about Ge Ge Ge no Nyobo! 

The other day someone sent an email through the website seeking employment as an assistant. This has never happened to me before and I wonder if it’s spam but it was kinda fun as I imagined what it’d be like to have an assistant (who’d have to be there w/o pay but I could do trades, like mentoring them, say, if they were an independently wealthy orphan who wanted to further develop their writing craft, for instance). The assistant could take care of the emails, the filing (Hiromi hates filing so very much), and, yes, the shopping for groceries and cooking, and it’s apparent that what I want is basically Ge Ge Ge no Nyobo…. Hahahahahahaahaaaaa! (Sad, so sad…. >_<)

I might be scarcey on this blog until the deadline is met. Is this a terrible breach in blog protocols? Mea culpa!