Highlights from Vancouver Launch of Darkest Light

I’m sooooo grateful…. ~___~

A novel turned into a book that enters a public sphere is always the culmination of not the singular success of a solitary writer, but the fruit from the generative soil of community.

A launch feels different from general readings–  there’s more at stake, a sense of nervousness and insecurity. A launch is the introduction of something new and we can never really know if the new creature will be accepted into the fold. But if the launch is in your home city it’s also a gathering of your dearest people and it’s also a grand party. Ohhhhh, so many feelings!

Rhizome Cafe hosted the event and I couldn’t dream of a space and environment more accepting and generous. MCed by the fabulous Rita Wong and surrounded by the love and support of family, friends and passionate readers the evening was as warm as a down quilt on a January night in Alberta.

A manuscript can take years of revisions. It’s a sweet sweet thing to be able to celebrate after it’s been released into the world as a completed book.

Hearty food and drink, many conversations and laughter. A wonderful mix of loved ones and new faces.

A launch is also the perfect time to thank everyone who has worked so hard along side you to bring the novel to completion. Thank you to Sally Harding of the Cooke Agency!

Onward to Calgary and Edmonton!