Heat Zombies

My sister is visiting in time for the heat wave. In global terms we’ve nothing to complain about– but, aiyaaaa, we’re reaching our tolerance limits. Yesterday we tried to cope by shutting the curtains but keeping the windows open. Today, my sister has suggested barricading against the heat entirely. The windows are closed, the curtains drawn. It’s an all-out struggle against the maurading heat zombies! We have become partial zombies already, alas! Yesterday evening we spent several hours talking about how the backs of our knees, the bottom of our feet, the palms of our hands would emanate red-hot on infrared, which films we ought to watch that was set in snowy conditions (Let The Right One In, The Thing, the first part of the ridiculously amusing 10,000 BC, etc.), and how kangaroos keep their body cool in desert condidtions (lying in shade and continuous licking of their wrists). Lick your wrists, child! I told my daughter. Be like the kangaroo!
Drink a lot of water, folks. Avoid direct sunlight and alcohol. The aged and young are vulnerable to heat exhaustion.
Beware, the heat zombies!