Half World US publication April 1!

(Who’s the fool?) 


I’m very excited! This is my first book-length American publication! Rock on! 

I’ll be at WisCon, the best feminist SF conference in the world, the May 28th weekend, to promote Half World. Sharyn November, my brilliant editor at Viking, will be there, as well as the most amazing feminist sf writers, readers, thinkers, dreamers….

Maybe, in my next life, I’ll be able to write sf…. It’s a special talent, to bring in science and speculation, in a meaningful and integrated way, into story. It’s not simple. First of all, you must know the science. Otherwise, “science” is just a costume. This is the same in writing fantastic fiction. Elements of the magical need to be systemic and logical and consistent throughout, otherwise it can devolve into gimmick or the worst kind of deus ex machina. I have such a profound respect for the writers of good feminist sf! I take my hat off to them. <dapper bow> 

Meanwhile, I’m working every day on Darkness…. 

(And, reconsidering my resistance to Twitter…. <grin>)