Half World nomination!

(This could also be read as meaning I’m up for entry into Half World….!!!! Uh-uhhnnn! Don’t wanna go! Or, that Half World has nominated me for something…. Hmmmm. I wonder what Half World would nominate for?)

Mood: whimsical <crooked grin>

I’ve just learned that Half World has been nominated for the 2011 American Library Association’s Best YA Fiction! Hurrah!

Receiving news like this is lovely positive reinforcement. And an antidote for what I call “Bad Voice” who can undermine one’s confidence, one’s creative practice, with self-perpetuating, ungenerative self-criticism.

I imagine most people, not only artists, writers, and creative workers, are periodically haunted by Bad Voice. I should blog about it some time…. ^_^. But not TODAY!