Half World 2010 Sunburst Award Recipient!

<closed eyes cat smile>

Half World was selected for the YA category, and Indigo Springs by A.M. Dellamonica was selected for adult fiction. You can read more about it on the Sunburst Award website as well as details on the amazing books that were shortlisted: http://www.sunburstaward.org/content/2010-sunburst-winners

It’s such an honor! I’m soooo chuffed! I’m going to wear the medal around my neck for at least a month (and it’s really big, tho not as big as my head)! Hahahahahaaaa! ^__^.

Thank you, to the Sunburst Award people! Thank you, my friends, family and colleagues, who supported me through eight years of rewrites. (I kid you not!!!). Writers can only do their work (well) with the love and support of their communities. Thank you, Penguin Canada, Viking, US, for seeing the merits of the fruit from a strange tree (and your patience!)…. And thank you, generous folks, who read my book(s). ~__~. Books are kinda like Tinkerbell… if people don’t read them, they might as well not exist. (Sad, dusty unread books! Open the cover, they beseech.)

In other news, my dear friend, Kyo Maclear, (who is also an author of adult fiction and non-fiction) has recently published her first picture book called Spork. It’s lovely, sweet, smart and astute. Please check out her trailer!


There’s prosecco chilling in the fridge. For now, rewriting and rewriting. And rewriting and rewriting some more! Most of the (i.e. this!) writer’s time is spent rewriting. Prosecco days are few and far between. But, Yah! Bubbly reinforcement now and then is a fine, fine thing. Kanpai!!!