Guest blog posts at Omnivoracious

I’ve been trying to blog once a week, here, on my petit site.

My most excellent agent has been encouraging me to do more self-promo of Half World and, thus, I find myself guest blogging, surpassing my weekly output.

Fresh from the Easy Bake Oven of my blogging brain, isn’t it amazing what a single small light bulb can do? (Sometimes, it’s better to be incandescent, but of course we always strive to be greeeeeeeeen!)

How to strike the balance between being friendly, interesting, approachable, distinct, intelligent, humorous, serious, having something to say, and trying to entice people to buy your book??? Heck if I know!!

But there are extra blog posts going up over the next several days. I’ll post the details as soon as they come out of the oven….

With much gratitude to Jeff VanderMeer for his generousity.