It’s going to be -37 C tomorrow morning. This coming Friday at +2 C. That’s a difference of 39 degrees! Sure, it all falls under the canopy of a Northern winter, but 39 degree temperature shift within six days! I was staring at the blue spruce in the front yard with a sense of renewed amazement. Yesterday a pair of magpies were pecking at a frozen apple still hanging from the tree. Their beaks could not pierce the rock-hard fruit. 

     My sister was complaining about the cold in the Netherlands. 9 degrees, she moaned. 9 degrees! I exclaimed. I’d be in the back yard, in a bikini, sun-tanning! 

     Thinking of catching a film tonight. I haven’t seen anything on the big screen for a long time. It all looks rather Hollywood-Christmas-dismal- pickings…. But 2012 is showing, still, and it might be good for a laugh, and the tsunamiexplosionsfirestormearthquakeswhatever! will be exciting because it’s BIG and we won’t have to worry about anything silly like logic or science or causal realism or even story and good acting…. 

     Bah! Humbug!  (>__<)