First vlog interview!

It’s all rather a little excruciating– most people don’t like to hear recordings of their voices (It’s because how our voices sound to ourselves is different from what our voices actually sound like– we hear our own voices through the filter of our head via flesh, nasal cavity, pockets of air, etc. When we actually hear our recorded voice it doesn’t sound like what we’re familiar with and it becomes an uncanny moment.) and video takes it to a whole other level! Good grief, I thought, have I always been so very blinky??


It was a learning curve it was! Respect to all those vloggers who make it look so smooth, like, well, Jay Smooth!

Evie of  book blog, Bookish, interviewed me on Half World and Darkest Light a while back and here are the results. Evie did all the editing and formatting. I just recorded my talking head on my laptop and sent her the clips.

Off-screen there are cue cards strewn about to remind me of the question.

What I learned:

1) Don’t blink so much.

2) Look at the screen, not the camera eye!

3) Practice makes perfect.