Delicious charming

The past weekend I finally caught up with an old friend– I’d been meaning to visit with her since our arrival. Pauline took us to her favourite places and ohhhh-so-charming! But first I had to stop by Kerstin’s Chocolates. I had never thought Bernard Callebaut could be bumped from the top tier of beautiful chocolates, but Kerstin’s has done just that! The dreamy chocolate just slowly, ever so slowly, melted in  my mouth, the creaminess, the sweetness spreading like love and longing…. I couldn’t even talk to anyone until I had swallowed, and been still for several seconds. Truly speechless.


Pauline took us to 124 Street, where there are charming independent shops selling funky and special things. Frog Kisser’s Den  had new clothes made out of old, a magical feat of creative play and recycling. They also had super nifty print T-shirts and lovely second hand clothing, etc. A great place to find a unique gift. Next was a stop at Redemption Boutique, a rocker clothing store with, apparently, items of interest to my anime-fan daughter. The afternoon was capped with a gorgeous pot of tea at Steeps. They have a table covered with an array of teacups– there is something special about making a selection, the moment made personal. The atmostphere is warm and groovy– definitely plan on going back to do some writing and chill.

 What a marvellous day….


I’ve baked my apple pies. The weather has turned. Today I wore my grandmother’s old toque.