Deadbeat Blogger

I suppose it does no actual harm, not like a deadbeat parent. <weak grin>

I’ve been writing and rewriting whilst editing another’s manuscript. Making excellent headway, but less time for bloglife, je me regrette et je ne regrette pas!

Super chuffed that Penguin Canada has chosen the cover images for my novel, Darkest Light (illustrated by the brilliant Jillian Tamaki!), as the cover image for their 2012 Children’s Titles catalogue! I spent several 5 minutes trying to take a photo of me holding up two copies, with the photo booth feature on the laptop even going to the extent of clicking the mouse with my toe, etc. Very ignoble. Always blurry.

Recently met someone who follows my tweets. She said that my personality is exactly like what she imagined it might be based on my tweets. Found this simultaneously dismaying and funny. Also very clear that I could never be a double agent. Heck, I couldn’t be a single agent. If I can’t even be a single agent I’m reduced to a subject. I object!

Sunday a day of chores. A run to second-hand bookstores. Maybe a late cheap lunch. I may finally try a Japadog. For the longest time the name really bothered me, but exposure has worn down my discomfort. Funny how that works, hey? <one raised eyebrow (which I can’t do in real life but admire a great deal in those who can)> A new friend who is Chinese Canadian mentioned that she would not be thrilled if there was one called a “Chinkadog”. Good point, I thought.

Thanksgiving has come and gone and Halloween around the corner. Every year I think how nice it would be to have a proper costume (Easy One Million Years BC “cave woman” costume a la Rachel Welsh tip: sew patches of fur (fun or otherwise) onto bikini!) but always some writing or family or life et al and I end up with a hurriedly bought bowlful of candies. One year I would adore to dress up as the female mime in Paris Je T’aime! I have a soft spot for over-the-top cliche and slapstickish…. But not this year. I’m galloping toward November, grateful for sunshine days and sweet coffee.