Handsome? No time for that! (Well, maybe….)

I’ll ‘fess up: I’m pelting in fits and starts to meeting my SECOND deadline extension! Yaiyai yai! Sometimes my writer friends and I gnash and wail about not meeting our original deadlines…. I’m sure some are more relaxed than others. But, ohhh, asking for second deadline!!! When I get into too much of a tizzy about it, I tell myself, “Well, it’s not like you’re the surgeon late for an open-brain surgery….” I don’t know what my publisher would think of that, but giving myself some air space, instead of panting in anxiety, is necessary for me to be able to meet the second deadline!!!! (Whatever works.)

Rain and rain and then some. There’s a squirrel in the ceiling space and the gutters are leaking. I tease my daughter when she complains about the rodent scraping. Maybe he’s a Squirrel Prince, and he will take you to magical Squirrel Land.

She’s not buying it. Nor do I for that matter. I’m not looking forward to climbing up into the dusty weird-old-fashioned-insulation-shit to check on the severity of its residency.

Dashing to the goal. Lurching. Staggering. Hands on my hips, bending over as I gasp for air.

Go away, Squirrel! I do not love thee!