Curious Example of Accretion

Just imagine! If these editorials/interviews are clumping online now you bet the deadlines overlapped as well!

Sometimes a little challenging for a writer/thinker who can only comfortably hold one idea in her head at a time (And luckily the children are Big, now, and I didn’t drop them when they were little when I was juggling several items simultaneously although I did toss my daughter into the air (of course catching her!) and miscalculated the distance to the exposed furnace venting on the ceiling of the ice cream shop but the impact with her head was mostly loud rather than injurious and all the other parents thought I was an idiot but we finished with ice cream and all’s well that ends well don’t you think?)…. It’s very odd. Invitations and requests seem to come in little clusters. I don’t know why they can’t be nicely spaced out, one each month, but that would be rather, perhaps, too unrandom. But a series of clustered deadlines are unrandom too. That geeky man making charts on the trajectory of Angry Birds could probably graph the results for me. But graphing it won’t affect how the deadlines still come in. !__!

I am grateful. Truly.

Here I am on The Rejectionist with “Some Thoughts on Speculative Fiction”. (I do apologize for the rather prosaic title; I was pressed for time. >_< )

(Does this mean I needn’t worry about blogging for three weeks???? ^____^)