Community, Art, Action

This morning a meeting with the organizing committee for Friends Across the Pacific. We debriefed Thursday’s fundraiser. It was such a warm and love-filled community gathering! The entire room was buoyed with such wondrous energy. When I looked at everyone’s faces, they were like bright flowers facing sunlight. I had an important realization that it wasn’t just about gathering donations for people suffering extreme hardship/trauma– but also a community event, a simultaneous local event that meant so much to us here, to be able to connect with each other, and have a place to give voice and act, so we do not feel so alone and helpless in witnessing the devastation in Japan. That our fears, anxiety and empathy can be shared with each other, and that we can take this energy and reshape it into something positive. Transform it into art. Gather donations. Share prayer, words, poems, songs, food and drink. Talk with friends. Laughter. Hugs. Ground ourselves in positive action. I am much humbled. And feel very very lucky to live in such a creative, engaged and talented community!

There are numerous fundraising events throughout the month of April. Musical performances, dance, arts auctions, etc. For those in the Greater Vancouver area, please duck into the BCJERF website to more details.

My manuscript came back on Saturday for the next rounds of edits. I allowed myself the weekend off– I didn’t open the file. Instead, my daughter and I had high tea this afternoon, and then spent the evening doing crafts and drawing together. I got to use my new paintbrush! Daughter made a mushroom out of felt. I drew a creepy baby, copied from a 1897 “profusely illustrated” (that’s what it says!) book of verse and stories for (creepy) children called Rosy Cheeks. They had lovely detailed lithographs those days. I think they’re lithographs. I like to copy the style and then add my own little twist. Twisted…. Will try to scan and post, later!

Back to a measured work week. Balanced with swimming and admiring of blooming cherry blossoms. The furry pods of magnolia cracking open. The creamy white petals. Dark pink. Oh, flowers. How pervy art thou!