Blog Night In Canada

Tuh tuh tuh tuuu ruu ruuuuuuu. Tuh tuh tuh turu ru ruuuuuu! (Hocky Night in Canada theme song….)

I kinda think of my blog, because I write it on Sunday, as my Sunday sermon…. (>__<). Tongue in cheek, strictly! I swear on the bible!

I gotta blog and dash because I’m working on a collarborative visual art poem piece… out of my usual comfort area, but vastly good to stretch those comforting limits. But that means I’m not as far along as I ought to be, and must back to the desk as I ponder the soft focus photo image and wonder if it comes across as 1) soft porn, 2) home-made valentine card, or 3) just plain ole’ bad…. <crooked grin> Well. It is also good to not take oneself too seriously, too. So, even if it’s softpornhomemadevalentineplainolebad, I should just enjoy the moment! I’m also drawing illustrations of seeds with pigma pens. I LOVE 005!!!! When I die, I want to be buried with a packet of pigma pens!!!! Well, I want to be cremated, but maybe they can throw one 005 pen onto the pyre…. Just a leeetle bit of plastic. (Did you know beet seeds are truly weird-looking? Also, chard. They are of the same family…. )

The photo better not look soft porn because it’s of my dad (who died several years ago) and it’d just be super weird and gross. Don’t worry. He has all his clothes on, and he’s reading a book. It’s that s o f t  f o c u s wispy effect, you know? But, the hard line edges weren’t working either. <shrugs>

My wi-fi connection has been EXTREMELY pissy all week and I’m starting to get very vexed. So I must post before I lose my “radar” again.

A bientot!!!