Selected Bibliography


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       Chorus of Mushrooms In Translation:

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Children's Literature

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Other Creative Works and Collaborations

Co-writing & consulting


  • Finder Seeker, by Jenn Currin. Anvil Press, 2018
  • Sodom Road Exit, by Amber Dawn. Arsenal Pulp Press, 2018
           Short-listed, Lambda Literary Award 2019
           Short-listed, Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize (BC Book Prizes) 2019
           Winner, James Tiptree Jr. Honor List 2019
           Short-listed, Sunburst Award 2019
           Included on the Globe and Mail Best Books of the Year 2018
  • Tiger Flu, by Larissa Lai. Arsenal Pulp Press, 2018
           Short-listed, City of Calgary W.O. Mitchell Book Award 2019
           Long-listed, Sunburst Award 2019
           Winner, James Tiptree Jr. Honor List 2019
           Winner, Lambda Literary Award 2019
  • Geographies of a Lover, by Sarah de Leeuw 2012 Newest Press
    Winner, Dorothy Livesay award for poetry at BC Book Prizes 2013

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