The lovely thing about hitting -42 C is that when the temperature rises to -26 one is so delighted…. *__* . It’s so much warmer, we say to each other, without a trace of irony. 

     Holiday greetings to all. However the season is honoured/celebrated. 

     I’m running last-minute errands, tidying house. Hope to squeeze in some writing in the evening. 

     I did go see the Geminids. I only lasted around 20 minutes. When I watch the Perseids, I like to lie on my back on the ground so I get optimal field of vision. But truly this is not an option in Edmonton in December…. I drove out of the city glare, northbound, on the 28. I didn’t want to go too far, because of the weather. I pulled over to the side of the road. Got out. Stood behind my car and stared upward. Even tho it was so late, many cars passed by. You look like that Far Side comic, I thought, where the frog-hunter is looking upward at the light. You look like you’re waiting for the Mother Ship. Ohhhh, so dorky…. I saw twelve brilliant meteors. I wanted to see the thirteenth, but it was taking so long. So cold. Then the first yip, yip, yeeeeeeeeeee of coyotes. Across the frozen fields, two, three, four different packs wailed in the biting cold night.