Au Revoir 2021

Pressure to arrive at some kind of overview of a year's passage. The close of one thing and entry into another. Then I think of the universe.... What is time? ^__^)/


It was so great to bring Shadow Life out into the world. Thank you, to everyone who has read it and bought it and shared it with their communities. I am so grateful.


Shadow Life made some lists! Thank you, dear Readers. <3

CBC -- The Best Canadian Comics of 2021
Winnipeg Free Press -- Simply the Best: Free Press Book Reviewers Pick Their Top Reads of 2021
Xtra -- 8 Fantastic Books We Somehow Missed in 2021
South Africa's Daily Maverick -- The Wrap: Essential Books of 2021
Autostraddle -- 75 of the Best Queer Books of 2021

All the best to you and your kin in 2022. May you find good books. May you dive deep into them.

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