Are we now

My daughter and I are settling into our new digs– the cutest little 1950s bungalow. It looks like the little green house pieces from Monopoly. The kind you need to collect before getting the hotel.


Folks are so friendly. The city vibe a different pace, a different sensation. I am a happy commuter on the public transit, a mere 25-minute single bus ride to work. I can look out the window and think. People actually thank the bus driver before disembarking, _from the exit doors at the middle of the bus_! My city rage is damping down and it is such a relief.


Yesterday my sister was telling me over the phone about an Edmonton woman in the 80s whose car ran out of gas in the middle of winter and so she (clad in a skirt and pantyhose and presumably a long coat) walked to a gas station she remembered seeing, four blocks back. Anyway, my sister said, in four blocks time she got severe frostbite and ended up losing both her legs…. Of course this scared the be-jesus out of me. I’ve been so West Coasted I actually forgot I’d need to shovel snow throughout the winter!!!


But I get ahead of my seasons. There is time to harvest apples in the back yard and bake several tart and rich pies. Enjoy each season in its season….