April so quickly may…

It all slipped between my fingers as if I had been cupping water. Obi Wan, can you make a difference? Last weekend I was  in Calgary for a book club meeting at Monkeyshines. The book club participants ranged in age from 4-5 years old to in their late 50s. Generations of readers and eager, inquiring minds. I could not keep up with their fast-paced questions and I left, bemused, and happy. I also found out that Leonard Nimoy was in town for a comics con! Leonard Nimoy, I screamed. I loved SPOCK! Spock saved  my LIFE as a child, because through him I could see a better world guided by calm and reason rather than the unwieldy mess of rampant human emotions. Should I go to the con? I wondered. Should I stand in the 3-hr line up to see my childhood savior???

The actor is not the character, my daughter said in her dry voice.

I know that! I said, more than a little defensive.

Sometimes it’s better to keep our childhood heroes in our memories and not meet them in person. Because then it will alter  everything, my sister said.

Damnit, Jim! Why must they be so logical!