and now eduardo

Eduardo died some time yesterday. He had been suffering for several months, but now the suffering is over. I will miss him.

Keeping pets is such an odd human trait– just because we can, we do this thing for myriad reasons. Primarily companionship I suppose. We have an abundance of love. Or perhaps it’s an abundance of need…. And maybe it’s both and a whole lot more. I think I will be without pets for a while.

The Exposure event on Friday evening was so inspiring and generative. It did a body good to see young queer of colour and metis writers stand on the stage and roar. Kudos and heartfelt thank yous to the many volunteers who make this festival happen.

The class visit at Ottewell was also marvellous. Such smart and energetic minds! It’s a blessing to interact with young people.

Saturday night I was in Calgary, visiting family. They have cable (I don’t) and there was an Alien Marathon!!! Sweeeet… But I had to throw in the towel at 2 AM. I’ve always felt incredibly ripped off by both the scripts of ‘3’ and ‘Resurrection’. What I’d love to do is write the fifth story, with Sigourney Weaver as a woman in her sixties, on Earth, still surviving and training a ragtag band of young women how to endure, how to survive. Plus give her her happy ending!!! Why the heck not? She’s not any less a hero and survivor for having some sweetness in her life.