2017 mentor for The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, and other news

Many long days since I’ve last updated. Lots has happened, of course, in the way of life and busynesses. A new group of writers at The Writer’s Studio. Late 2016 I  joined the board of Plentitude Magazine, a work trip to University of Colorado, Boulder, hosted by the marvellous Marcia Douglas.

I had the chance to see the Stephen King redrum inspiration hotel, The Stanley!

The Stanley 2017

And also to see the beautiful vistas of the Rocky Mountain National Parks, Arapaho lands.


I’ve also had the honour of being selected as one of the 2017 mentors for The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation. We will be having shared learnings with the 2015 scholars and the broader communities of cohorts who are “committed to applying their knowledge and skills to pressing social issues”. I’m very much excited about how our widening circles of understanding and communications will affect change and actions. I’m deeply grateful to 2010 scholars, Libe Garcia Zarranz and Danielle Peers, who recommended me for this role.

Upcoming publications! It’s been a long while since having new adult fiction in periodicals. A novelette, “And the moon spun round like a top”, is forthcoming in PRISM International Issue 55:3, Spring 2017. A ficto-essay, “Notes from Liminal Spaces” is also coming up in Uncanny Magazine some time. Much excite!

I’ve been working on essays and short stories. More essays and stories in the works. Ideally I’d like to ready a short story manuscript by the end of summer. We’ll see, my little pretties.