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Online Event – Creative Mornings & Victoria Festival of Authors

Creative Mornings Victoria — Friday, September 24th at 11 am A short reading and discussion of the theme of “Dare.” Presented in partnership with the Victoria Festival of Authors. This event is free online and I would love to see you there! (click on the DARE image above for more info and to register)

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Shadow Life, Hiromi Goto's first graphic novel released, March 30, 2021

Hiromi Goto effortlessly blends wry, observational slice-of-life literary fiction with poetic magical realism in the tender and surprising graphic novel Shadow Life, with haunting art from debut artist Ann Xu. (more...)

Goto’s latest is an empowering, emotional tribute to defiant, independent, kick-ass old women living their best lives. ~ Booklist Starred review

This wry genre-bending graphic novel from Goto…delves into aging, independence, lost love, and mortality with a whimsy that doesn’t undercut its literary heft. ~ Publishers Weekly starred review

Since its publication in 1994, Hiromi Goto’s Chorus of Mushrooms has been recognized as a true classic of Canadian literature. Goto’s acclaimed feminist novel is an examination of the Japanese Canadian immigrant experience, focusing on the lives of three generations of women in contemporary Alberta. The 20th Anniversary edition, a reprinting of the landmark text includes an extensive afterword by Larissa Lai and an interview with the author, talking about the impact the book has had on the Canadian literary landscape.


Darkest Light, Hiromi Goto's breathtaking follow-up to the award-winning Half World

Adopted as an infant, Gee has been kept ignorant of his troubled past. Now, at sixteen, he is a loner both despised and feared by his classmates. Dark feelings slowly grow inside him, but as he struggles to control them, his past catches up with him. . (More...)

Half World is a haunting combination of a coming-of-age novel and a spiritual quest, a mad funhouse of horrors and a tale of redemption and love. Wonderfully odd, and quite unforgettable.” —Neil Gaiman


The tale of four Japanese Canadian sisters struggling to escape the bonds of a family and landscape as inhospitable as the sweltering prairie heat.


Hopeful Monsters refers to genetically abnormal organisms that naturally adapt to their environments. In Hiromi Goto’s quietly devastating stories, the hopeful monsters in question are women confounded by familial duty and the ghosts of their past.


Twelve-year-old Sayuri and her little brother Keiji find real excitement in the small Alberta town they’ve moved to, in the form of a magical Middle World behind a door in their cellar.


David Bateman and Hiromi Goto’s collaborative poem, Wait Until Late Afternoon, is a nostalgic/anti-nostalgic creative autobiographical conversation.